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Starting to think about and specify a custom solution for your CRM or business process needs can seem initially quite daunting.

We are with you all the way in doing this, but you can also make use of a test account on our AlphaCRM Essentials service to play with a basic system to help you decide what you would change and why.

The AlphaCRM Essentials system is not intended to be your long-term perfect CRM solution and so it does not try to offer all the features of any major off-the-shelf system – you’re already past thinking something off-the-shelf will do.

Instead, use it to help work out what data you would ideally store, what workflows to perform and what documents you might want to generate to store or send. This will help our professional services team to work with you to flesh-out the requirements into a full system which they can then build with you.To start an account on AlphaCRM Essentials, contact us at .

Once you have an account, you can go straight to to log in and explore.

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