Data integration

Even though your AlphaCRM solution is designed for you and is built to model your key processes, some systems and data cannot be included – for example external data sources or specialised processes such as accounting.

Integration with cloud-based systems

AlphaCRM is typically cloud-based and it’s therefore possible to easily integrate using API endpoints with other cloud-based solutions such as

Integration with on-premise systems

In some situations you need your AlphaCRM system to work alongside on-premise solutions such as legacy accounting systems or existing custom applications.

We can work with you to build a custom-designed data sync agent built on our scriptable AlphaCRM Sync Framework (ASF) for Windows, Linux or macOS. This can work out-of-the-box with data in the following formats:

We can design the required integration and data transformation so that your legacy systems and your AlphaCRM system correctly share data in your unique business process.

Please contact us for more information about data integration.

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