The technical bit

AlphaCRM is a platform designed to be the core of your business system. We call it a CRM but in fact it can be used for a range of system types – see Case Studies for ideas.

AlphaCRM can implement whatever business objects (entities) your business processes need – examples might be; staff, clients, orders, jobs, projects, sales, contacts, suppliers, courses, leads, … and any other we’ve not thought of. These entities will contain the data you need for your business – and because we implement it with you there’s no need to remove the fields we though of before you can add your own – we implement what you need and only what you need.

Your business is not just based on data, it’s also based on work flows and data flows. So, when we work together to implement a business solution we implement the flows you need. Whether they be simple like sending an email or SMS to a specific team member or complex like creating multiple entities and tasks then assigning them to various clients and suppliers, we will implement what you need so that your unique business process is implemented in your way – not the way we tell you to do it.

AlphaCRM is designed for both end-user and OEM businesses – that is, we might implement it for you to use in your business, or we might implement it for your client to use in their business, using your branding and your company name rather than ours.

AlphaCRM can not only be branded to suit your requirements, but it can also be embedded within another system in order to seemingly provide additional functionality without significant rework to that ‘host’ system.

Unlike some other popular CRM solutions, AlphaCRM is compatible with all popular browsers – both desktop and mobile – so if your users are predominantly mobile, your system automatically adjusts to the kind of browser and device the user has.

Our latest updates are detailed in updates.

For a full list of typical features your AlphaCRM implementation might have, please see below.

See also Getting Started for more information.

AlphaCRM’s detailed features

AlphaCRM systems are always built to your specification and to implement your business processes and data. This page lists some core features which can be easily implemented into your system. The list is not definitive, and we will always build your system how you want it

Server support

Data types

Logon control


Data management

Dashboard features


White-label support

System design features

Don’t forget, this is just an overview of core features, please contact us if you don’t see here something your system might need.

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