Key features

There are many CRM solutions available, each with it’s own features and benefits. So what makes AlphaCRM stand out?

Browser compatibility

AlphaCRM was designed for compatibility with the largest possible range of browsers and always provides full functionality whatever browser or platform. Some other leading CRM solutions are optimised for specific browsers on specific operating systems and so are not guaranteed to perform fully or even well on desktops, laptops, tablets and and phones.

Cloud-based . . .

AlphaCRM can be deployed to a cloud-based server which is accessible to all your users everywhere. This server may be shared with other AlphaCRM clients or it may be for your exclusive use. Some other leading cloud-based CRM solutions cannot be deployed to your own dedicated server.

. . . or locally installed

If your installation of AlphaCRM will only be used within your site you can have it deployed to a server on your own premises or data centre. Some other leading CRM solutions can only be hosted in the cloud on shared servers.

Integration with data in other systems

Your AlphaCRM solution can integrate with cloud-based solutions such as your accounting platform and it can integrate with on-premise systems using our configurable sync agent.

No minimum number of users

Whether you want 1 or 1,000 users, AlphaCRM can be installed for you. Some other leading CRM solutions require a minimum number of users at tens or hundreds of pounds per month per user.

No maximum number of client users

AlphaCRM is designed to be used as a client portal for use by your clients, not just by your staff. Unlike some other leading CRM solutions, we do not charge you per user so you do not have to charge your clients.

Your business process your way

Most leading CRM solutions may require you to adapt your business process to the ways they operate at the price levels you can justify. AlphaCRM has a background of bespoke systems and so we will happily change it to work the way you do.

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